Has IoT turned the corner?

I was recently at the Hannover Messe USA trade show in Chicago. It was the usuals trade show you see at McCormick Place. A lot of people, exhibitors, over priced food, you know, a typical trade show. One big difference was this show was piggybacked on to the IMTS 2018 show, so it was HUGE. […]

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Why do we automate?  I ask this as a general question and not just about manufacturing or running a facility, but about life in general. Human beings have been automating for thousands of years. Inventions like the wheel, the bucket, the waterwheel are just a few types of automation from antiquity. You’ve doubtless heard about […]

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Battle Waste

Battling waste can be one of the most beneficial practices for a manufacturer. There are many types of waste, and it’s not just material. You can waste time and energy as well. So let’s look at some types of waste: Energy Materials Ingredients Time Movement Production Maintenance Equipment Assembly Defects Material Defects Let’s look at […]

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Connect Islands of Data

Many manufacturers still deal with islands of data. Over the years, as new systems were installed, they were not connected to a main system to produce an overview of the process. This was due to lack of capability of the equipment, cost, and planning. Technology changes so rapidly it is difficult for equipment to keep […]

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5 Steps to Operational Excellence

Obtaining Operational Excellence is one of the most important things a manufacturer can do to stay competitive in today’s competitive market.  The best way to start improving is to benchmark your current state and find ways to improve.  Measuring KPIs is a great way to start. Measuring Manufacturing KPIs Measuring Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in […]

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6 Reasons You Need Energy Analytics

Energy Analytics and Management software can help companies balance their budget as well as their environmental impact. The following are the top benefits of applying Energy Analytics and Management through your own organization. Reason #1:  Save 5-25% Annually on Utility Bills Numerous enterprise clients have proven that by just applying a “Building Intelligence” solution, a 5-25% […]

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