Has IoT turned the corner?

I was recently at the Hannover Messe USA trade show in Chicago. It was the usuals trade show you see at McCormick Place. A lot of people, exhibitors, over priced food, you know, a typical trade show. One big difference was this show was piggybacked on to the IMTS 2018 show, so it was HUGE.

The reason I think it was different was that talking to people at the show, the questions had changed. It was no longer “What is IoT?” or “Why should I do this?”, it was questions about “How do I connect my machine tools?” or “I want to monitor my machines, can you help?”.

It was as if the puzzle of IoT and about its definition and benefits are starting to take hold and make sense. It was also not just coming from very large Manufacturer’s with tons of money to spend on initiatives. It was coming from small companies, small machine shops, realizing that they need to start their digital transformation or be left behind.

I think this is great for the industry and that the light bulb has been turned on for more companies. We are in an exciting time in manufacturing. We are seeing the change in how we look at problems and how do we get better as manufacturers.

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