6 Reasons You Need Energy Analytics

Energy Analytics and Management software can help companies balance their budget as well as their environmental impact. The following are the top benefits of applying Energy Analytics and Management through your own organization.

Reason #1:  Save 5-25% Annually on Utility Bills

Numerous enterprise clients have proven that by just applying a “Building Intelligence” solution, a 5-25% reduction in energy costs can be achieved, often amounting to 7-figure savings and improving overall occupant comfort.

Reason #2:  Cost, Consumption and Carbon

An energy analytics and management solution can make your buildings more energy and cost efficient while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Its calculations are all built on top of the 3 Cs: Cost, Consumption and Carbon emissions.

Reason #3:  View Energy Reports and Trending in Real Time

Operators and managers don’t have to wait until the end of the day, week or month for reports on energy use. Real-time views into current energy trends can catch problems earlier, leading to better utilization of power and avoiding potential issues.

Reason #4:  Applicable to Many Industries and Applications

Not many organizations are exempt from the economic and environmental issues related to energy use. The same metrics can be applied to the widest array of industries and specialized uses, providing equally useful analysis regardless of application.

Reason #5:  Drill Down Directly into Causes of Abnormal Energy Use

Interactive charting tools allow you to drill down for additional levels of detail, allowing investigation into abnormal energy spikes or troughs. Normalization of charts by time period or other metrics allows contextualized views help explain irregular conditions.

Reason #6:  Provides Insight Needed to Drive Corrective Actions

Insightful trends focus your attention on the areas that need it most by pinpointing savings opportunities and energy efficiency offenders, helping companies reduce operating costs, optimize building assets and improve labor efficiencies.

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